List of Works


“Still Life” for violin, electronics, modular synthesiser and a speaker
“Thea” recorded music for dance show

2014 - 2015

“Fish in the Hand” fan opera for chamber ensemble, 2 singers, actors and dancers*        
“Freedom Bird” for violin, cello, piano and percussions for Hong Kong New Music Ensemble*   
“for Shadows” for piano, modular synthesiser and sampler for Sotheby’s Gallery Opening*
“Bamboo Jam” recorded music for Ocean Park performance*
“Even/ Odd” recorded music for dance show*


“Paradox no.1” for electronics, viola and contrabass*
Music for “Between Red & Pink in Butoh Light” for electronics, keyboards, electric guitar and violin*
“3Decade” for piano*
“Long Way Home” for string quartet, sheng and percussions*
“Walking on Lines” for electronics, guitar, violin, dancers and an actor*
“Spasms” for prepared piano, toy piano, violin, percussions and electronic*

2006 - 2012

Music for “Rite of City- Tainan” for electronics* in collaboration with director Maurice Lai
Music for “Less Similar” for electronics* in collaboration with choreographer/ director Alan Wong
“Silence Box” for electronics* in collaboration with choreographer Max Lee
“Resonantia” for percussion ensemble * 
“Walkalator” for electronics* in collaboration with choreographer/ director Alan Wong 
“As the Flâneur Marches to Oblivion...” for percussions, viola and electronics*              
“Nocturne: Eighty-Nine Steps Under the Rainbow” for chamber ensemble*      
“Dirty Dialogues” for piano and percussion*                        
“Trio: influx/ efflux” for piano trio *                            
“Solo for Cello” *                                    
“Reflection of the Last Moment of a Ridiculous Man” for string quartet *    
“Le reve d'un Homme Ridicule” for electronics *  
“Spring Night” for voice and piano
“Under the Twinkle of a Fading Star” for string quartet and tenor timpani *     
“Urban Meditation” for solo percussion *    
“Lamento for piano- Elegy for a Sad Young Man” for piano * 
“Still Life” for piano
“In a Silent Sense” for amplified piano and Tibetan percussion instruments
“the Garden” for piano *
“If I was I was” for string quartet


Earlier works:

“Four short piano pieces”
“Thing Under the Sun- seven variations on an original theme” for piano
“Let there be peace- to tsunami victims” for wind ensemble
“Piano sonata”
“Saxophone quartet no.1”
“Nocturnes for piano – constellations”