Quadrilateral Lab at Jockey Club Street Music Series: Experimental Series #11


Trilateral Lab members Alain Chiu and Chu Pak-hong will join force with Kung Chi-shing and Mike Yip and premiere "Remain Silent" at the Jockey Club Street Music Series: Experimental Series #11.

Show details is as follows:

Experimental Series is a new platform for young musicians interested in exploring new possibilities in musical forms, musical language, sound, emotional expression and stylistic gestures. Musicians from different genres – modern classical, experimental, jazz, pop and traditional, will be invited to participate in this musical adventure. The concerts will be a presentation of works-in-progress instead of finished pieces. In each concert there will be a post-performance discussion between the participating musicians and the audience.


Performer 表演單位:
- Louis Siu
- 土tû
- Quadrilateral Lab

Programme Details 節目詳情
18/9/2017 Monday 8:00pm-10:00pm
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 香港藝術中心麥高利小劇場

$60/ $50*
(*Full-time Students/ Senior Citizens Aged 60 or above/ People with Disabilities全日制學生/ 60歲或以上的高齡人士/ 殘疾人士)

Curator 策劃
Kung Chi Shing 龔志成

Co-presented by 合辦
Hong Kong Arts Centre 香港藝術中心
Kung Music Workshop 龔志成音樂工作室

Major Funder 主要捐助機構
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust 香港賽馬會慈善信託基金

WKCDA Freespace Happening x Olivier Cong

WKCDA Freespace Happening x Olivier Cong


#自由約 #FreespaceHappening】音樂台總複習 Are you team Saturday, team Sunday or BOTH?

9.9.2017 (星期六 Saturday)
The Sulis Club | PHOON | GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅 | The Interzone Collective | Olivier Cong 天 x Alain Chiu 趙朗天 | 紙風鈴 Tree Phoning feat. 胡晉僖 Wu Chun Hei* | Still Minds | Hurok | stereo is the answer | Wellsaid

10.9.2017 (星期日 Sunday)
JFDR | 徐嘉浩 Kevin Kaho Tsui | Gregmel & Africana Band | 9 Maps | Asyndeton | Stringers HK | FreshLife | 袁天恩 Dorothy Yuen | Linda Chow 周華欣 | 羅凱鈴 Judas Law | Unicorn Girl(獨角獸女孩)

節目時間表 Schedule: bit.ly/FSH1709S
節目地圖 Programme Map: bit.ly/FSH1709P

自由約 Freespace Happening (9-10.9.2017)
西九文化區苗圃公園 Nursery Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

* 承蒙香港中樂團允許胡晉僖先生參與是次演出 By kind permission of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

Update (1/9): Freespace Mixtape On Sale

After the show at last year Freespace Happening. Karmen and I were invited to recorded our little project. The baby is finally here, get yours now! Cassette tape FTW
Details can be found here.

Oh and also a very nice promo video

Transience (VR Video) Premiered At "Always at the edge of things and between places" Exhibition

Transience (VR Video) Premiered At "Always at the edge of things and between places" Exhibition

Enjoy here the performance TRANSIENCE by Trilateral Lab on Shing Wong St in 360°. 
For the full immersive experience, visit the exhibtion to see it in one of our headsets.

Director / Sound Artist: Alain Chiu
Assistant Director / Choreographer: Max Lee
Dramaturge / Performer: Pak-hong Chu
Performer: Christabel Ng
Performer: Karmen Cheung
Performer: Yu Ling Tse
Performer: Kenny Kim Fung Leung
Performer: Andy Lee

For more info about the Transience project and the Trilateral Lab, click here. 

Never Seen at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017

Never Seen at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017

We assume you will sit back and keep silent to it.

The speech is meaningless. The progression will not come no matter how much you pray. People are still proud of how good they can differentiating the colours. The relations are getting worse again. Similar sentiments are rising. A sudden change in mood will trigger an outbreak. It does not come with warning.

Can you recognize the pattern? Are they identical? Probably, the events do not repeat themselves, but they simply rhyme. Or they will repeat it until you learn from them.

A brainchild of contemporary composer and musician Alain Chiu, award-winning actor and vocal Chu Pak-hong and experimental violinist Eric Chan, “Never Seen” is a musical reincarnation for reflection but not appreciation. “We want to address the question that what ‘repetition’ mean to you. We do not aim to numb your mind. It is an alarm instead.”

WKCDA Freespace Happening x Karmen Cheung

WKCDA Freespace Happening x Karmen Cheung

Alain Chiu will collaborate with singer-songwriter Karmen Cheung at Freespace Happening (10-11/12/2016) 


More details here:

December’s Freespace Happening offers two days of exciting jazz and classical music performances.

Along with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s brass ensemble, we have a lineup of great acts coming together for special crossover performances. Singer-songwriter Karmen Cheung will be on stage with a String Quartet performing arrangements by contemporary classical composer Alain ChiuJan Curious, lead singer of Chochukmo and international touring guitarist Teriver Cheung will join hands for the first time to create a brand new sound inspired by indie rock and jazz; jazz quintet Mo-Men-T will perform with Swiss saxophonist Christoph Grab; and pianist KaJeng Wong, the musical prodigy whose life was documented in the film “KJ: Music and Life”, will create unique sounds with 2 local musicians.

Continuing the crossover theme, we also have exciting ‘poetry meets music’ jam sessions with local poets and musicians presenting a selection of Chinese poems collected through an online open call

Parents whose children are longing to have a pet can let them try out their pet care skills at the Pet Owner Challenge organised by ohmykids and Hong Kong Dog Rescue, or bring them along to their talk on how to get along with dogs. Young visitors will also enjoy our regular ohmykids Market designed by children, with stalls offering fantastic hand-made gifts and all kinds of fun games and activities. 

For a spontaneous theatre experience, come along to FM Theatre Power’s interactive shows on the North Lawn and be prepared to be part of the performance. Alternatively, shop for original Christmas gifts at the Hoikokdaytan 2046 handicraft market, or learn to make your own at DIY workshops organised by Youth Outreach. And don't forget, you can also join the WE Dance showcases and workshops, as well as our Tree Tours, where you can learn about the trees and plants in the Nursery Park. 

So, bring your friends and pets and join us at Freespace Happening for a winter weekend of music, literature, markets and special family events!  

Before you come, don’t forget to download our updated Freespace Happening App that lets you check out what’s on at our handicraft markets and listen to great music any time you want on the new Music Player!

10 -11 December (Sat – Sun)

10 December - 2:00pm - 10:00pm
11 December - 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Nursery Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

Free admission*
(Registration applicable to selected workshops) 



Events take place every second weekend of each month and application is now open for Hoikokdaytan2046 and ohmykids Market

Artists Application for Freespace Happening
If you are interested in performing at Freespace Happening, please fill in the form and return it to freespacehappening@wkcda.hk

About Freespace Happening
Between August 2015 and March 2016, Freespace Happening attracted over 50,000 visitors to West Kowloon Nursery Park with a fun variety of free outdoor music and art activities. This September sees the start of our new season, bringing audiences a mix of music, dance, street performances, markets, workshops and more. Events take place every second weekend of each month.

WKCDA x HK Ballet New Works Forum

WKCDA x HK Ballet New Works Forum

A new collaborative work by Alain Chiu and Ricky Hu (HK Ballet) was showcased at West Kowloon Cultural District Authority New Works Forum: Choreographer & Composer Lab. 

Official Press Release
The relationship between dance and music is complex and subtle, with the choreography of a dance often directly influenced by musical rhythms.

In Hong Kong, there are few platforms where choreographers can work with composers from different backgrounds, and dance performances are often accompanied by existing pieces of music. To encourage collaboration between choreographers and composers, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) teamed up with Hong Kong Ballet for New Works Forum: Choreographer & Composer Lab that took place from 14 to 18 November.

Facilitated by New York-based composer Ian Ng and Kung Chi Shing, Artistic Associate (Music) of the WKCDA, the five-day workshop brought together four local composers – Lam Fung, Alain Chiu, Mike Orange and Tsui Chin Hung – each from a different musical background (rock, contemporary classic, jazz, etc.), and four dance artists from Hong Kong Ballet – Yuh Egami, Natalie Ogonek, Ricky Song-wei Hu and Yui Sugawara.

Working in pairs, participating artists exchanged ideas, experimented with different forms of music and dance, and collaboratively created new artistic concepts. Workshop facilitators Ian Ng and Kung Chi Shing also shared their own experiences of collaborating with choreographers.

On 19 November, participating artists showcased the work-in-development of these 5 days to an audience of local arts professionals and shared their thoughts on the collaborative process.

Participating Choreographers:
Yuh Egami
Ricky Song-wei Hu
Natalie Ogonek
Yui Sugawara

Participating Composers:
Alain Chiu
Fung Lam
Mike Orange
Tsui Chin Hung

About New Works Forum 

In the run-up to the opening of the West Kowloon performing arts facilities, the first of which will be completed in 2018, New Works Forum acts as a platform for cross-disciplinary artists eager to expand their practices into new areas and explore innovative ways of creating, presenting and discussing topics around contemporary performance.



今年11月14至18日,西九文化區邀請了旅居紐約市的香港作曲家伍家駿,聯同西九藝術策劃(音樂)龔志成主持為期五天的工作坊,向4位本地作曲家林丰、趙朗天、Mike Orange、崔展鴻及4位來自香港芭蕾舞團的舞蹈家江上悠、菅原愉依、胡頌威、岳泰莉,分享他們與編舞家合作的經驗。



西九文化區表演設施將於 2018 年起相繼落成,因此我們舉行《新作論壇》,為有志於拓展嶄新領域的藝術家提供平台,一同探索創作及表演新方法,並研究當代演出相關議題。

Music for Thea, Alain Chiu X HKAF/ Ronny Wong

Music for Thea, Alain Chiu X HKAF/ Ronny Wong

Music for Thea, a commissioned piece set to the dance work of Ronny Wong, was premiered at the 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival Contemporary Dance Series. 


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series

三月Mar 10 – 13
Studio Theatre, HK Cultural Centre
$120 - $140 學生Student $60 - $70

詳情 Details: https://goo.gl/OkR57J


Fish In The Hand Premiere

Fish In The Hand Premiere

"Fish in the Hand", a new-style opera infused with the concepts of contemporary theatre, will be presented in October. The production is a collaboration by local artists with Lee Chun-chow and Kung Chi-shing as co-directors, Alain Chiu as composer and YanYu as playwright.

Traditional opera emphasises the narrative aspect, with the storyline told through singing. In contrast, this opera does not have narration as its main creative concern, but focuses more on the portrayal of the characters' complex and hidden psychological states through multi-layered multimedia staging. As the dark side of the characters is gradually revealed, the audience will be led to reflect on their inner selves and go through a cathartic experience.

During the creative process of this production, the script was written before the music, which features challenging interpretation of Cantonese operatic singing. Since the Cantonese language is tonal, with each word having a specific tone, Alain Chiu had to pay special attention to the congruence between the tone and musical pitch for each and every word when he composed the score. This opera is to be sung exclusively in Cantonese - this was a Herculean challenge for the production team in their efforts to create a new landscape for locally produced opera.

The music will feature the usual chamber ensemble configuration, as well as the double bass and electric guitar. The combination of original and electric instruments will give the music a contemporary musicality and, together with the vocals and poetic rendering of the dialogue, the audience will be treated to a rich and multi-layered soundscape. This multimedia theatre production merges live music, theatre and dance elements, together with a breakthrough of separating the singing from the acting in the opera: professional singers and stage actors are responsible for their own parts and their respective interpretations will blend to create a multi-dimensional manifestation of the characters.

The story of "Fish in the Hand" confronts the humiliation of William the veterinarian - the darkest spot in his mind and something that he never admits to.

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, "Fish in the Hand" (to be performed in Cantonese with English surtitles) will be staged at 8pm on October 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday) as well as at 3pm on October 11 (Sunday) at the Theatre of Hong Kong City Hall. Tickets with prices at $180 and $240 are now available at URBTIX. Half-price tickets are available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and their minders, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients (limited tickets for CSSA recipients are available on a first-come, first-served basis). Please refer to the website or the programme leaflet for the Boundless Multimedia Series package or group booking discount schemes.

For programme enquiries, please call 2268 7323, or visit www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/CulturalService/Programme/en/multi_arts/program_909.html. For credit card telephone bookings, please call 2111 5999. For Internet bookings, please visit www.urbtix.hk .

The performance contains adult content.

A post-performance talk (in Cantonese) will be held on October 9.

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