We assume you will sit back and keep silent to it.

The speech is meaningless. The progression will not come no matter how much you pray. People are still proud of how good they can differentiating the colours. The relations are getting worse again. Similar sentiments are rising. A sudden change in mood will trigger an outbreak. It does not come with warning.

Can you recognize the pattern? Are they identical? Probably, the events do not repeat themselves, but they simply rhyme. Or they will repeat it until you learn from them.

A brainchild of contemporary composer and musician Alain Chiu, award-winning actor and vocal Chu Pak-hong and experimental violinist Eric Chan, “Never Seen” is a musical reincarnation for reflection but not appreciation. “We want to address the question that what ‘repetition’ mean to you. We do not aim to numb your mind. It is an alarm instead.”